Two arrested on drug charges in trailer park

A Clinton woman who told police her name was Sandra Bullock was arrested on methamphetamine charges in Conway last week.

According to an incident report, officer Haley Hudson was driving through the Oakwood Village Trailer Park when she saw two men and a woman huddled up to each other in front one of the trailers. When she noticed this, she turned around to speak with the group because she knew the man that lived at the home the group was at was currently in jail.

Two of the individuals walked up to Officer Hudson while the other stood across the street. When one of the men and the woman walked up, Hudson asked why they were at the residence when the woman, who claimed her name was Sandra Bullock, said she lived at the home.

Hudson told the woman that she patrols the area often and had never seen her at the residence in question before. Because the area “is regarded as a high-crime area that is rife with illegal activity such as theft, burglaries and narcotic distribution” and also because the group exhibited “unusual behavior” she asked for the individuals’ IDs.

Police told the woman who posed as “Sandra Bullock” they knew she was lying about her name and gave her the chance to reveal her true identity without being arrested on an obstruction of governmental operations charge, the report states. The woman then claimed her name was Dalia Sandoval.

When police could not get any information based of the new name she provided, the woman said it was because she was “illegal” and “did not have documentation verifying her as a United States citizen,” according to the report.

Later on, authorities learned the woman was 46-year-old Heather Renee Sandoval of Clinton. According to the report, officers learned who Sandoval was after finding her ID in one of the three bags she was carrying as they searched her belongings. The report states Sandoval gave police consent to search her bags.

One bag contained “pink lingerie, [personal] toys,” the woman’s wallet and “a zebra-print glasses case containing a glass pipe that was shrouded with a white, cloudy residue that I know from my training and experience to be suspected methamphetamine residue,” Hudson wrote in her report.

A syringe loaded with suspected methamphetamine was found near where 24-year-old Dustin Wayne Moore was standing.

According to the report, he denied knowing the syringe was near him or about it at all. However, after he learned he would be charged for possession of drug paraphernalia, he reportedly asked if he “would be catching ‘two charges’” because the syringe was full of meth.

Moore and Sandoval were both arrested on scene and taken to the Faulkner County Detention Center following the incident.