A suspicious exchange at a gas station led to the arrest of two men by Clinton Police, Wednesday night, April 17 in connection with a murder. The men were wanted in connection with a Waco, Texas murder investigation.

Arrested were Justin Stanford, 25, and Casey Hughes, 21, currently held at the Van Buren County Jail. A police department spokesman said the pair were expected to be extradited to Texas in connection with a murder investigation there.

City of Clinton Police Chief John Willoughby said the two men came to police attention when an officer on patrol at roughly 10 p.m. Wednesday night stopped for gas at the Exxon station on the north side of town. As the officer fueled his patrol vehicle, one of the man stepped outside the store and “stiffened up” when he saw the Clinton officer. The man then walked over to his car, a small SUV, and drove off, south on Highway 65.

The officer, his suspicions raised by the man’s action, called in the SUV’s license plate. Dispatch returned that the SUV was “53” Willoughby said, meaning the SUV was stolen or otherwise being searched after.

Two nearby Clinton officers went onto Highway 65 to stop the car, while the officer who had called in the license plate followed. That officer spotted the SUV in the Murphy Gas Station at Walmart, the men apparently pulling in there when they realized they were being pursued.

They pair were arrested. The SUV has been impounded and is currently held at the sheriff’s office.

A department spokesman said the department had been in contact with Waco police and extradition of the pair is expected.