Dr. Jose Abiseid, owner of Family Practice, has spent his life doing something he truly loves. Dr. Jose first became interested in medicine as a child in Cuba. In the mid 50’s as a young child he spent his days with his mother, an operating nurse at the local hospital, helping organize the operating tools for sterilization and building a passion for medicine.

Dr. Jose spent his first fifteen years in Cuba before a short six-month stint with his grandmother in Spain. From Spain he soon found himself in New York City where he recalled a local church had given him his first winter coat; something he had little use for before he was introduced to a north east winter. Doc spent part of 1967 attending school in Puerto Rico, a bilingual country, to learn English, then back to the states graduating from Manhattan High School in 1970, Princeton 1974 and Rutgers in 1978. After completion of his schooling Dr. Jose spent three years in a residence program in New Jersey.

Dr. Jose was originally recruited to Clinton by the Medical Service Board in 1981. The Medical Service Board was a local group of citizens who had a mission of making medical services readily available in our area. Dr. Jose had continued his medical schooling through the U.S Health Core a government tuition program that was structured to help provide health care in underserviced rural areas. It was this program that brought Dr. Jose to Clinton but it was the natural landscape that reminded him of his childhood home and the small town feeling where he could see himself raising a family that made Clinton home.

Speaking with Dr. Jose I came to realize he is a doctor from a time in medicine before of specialized services. In a world where every condition has a special doctor and appointment to service it Dr. Jose came from a time where a Family Doctor serviced the family from birth to death. He recalled a time when he delivered babies, performed C-sections and handled every issue that might follow throughout a person life.

Dr. Jose has a lifetime of experience and he is excited to start passing those experience onto his daughter Caitlin Abiseid Shull. Caitlin is a graduate of St. Vincent where she worked in oncology and neonatology as a registered nurse. She has since earned a master’s degree and board certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2017. Caitlin now spends her days with her dad as an ARPN and is carrying on the family tradition of helping others.

Family Practice Center located at 194 Shake Rag Rd has been serving Clinton for the past 37 years. They offer services from physicals, Medicaid exams, surgical procedures, colonoscopies, intestinal scopes and all you family medical needs. Family Practice Center is accepting new patients. You can call and set an appointment at 501-745-2800 and start your path to a healthier future.