Business Name: Sincera Wellness LLC

 Owners Name: Mary Anne Gunter, MS, LAC, LAMFT

When did you open your business in the Bay area? December 2018

What brought you to the Bay area? We live in Greers Ferry but loved Fairfield Bay so much. I’ve been coming to the Bay since the early seventies; we gravitate to its unique and vibrant demographic of educated people, people who are committed to building community. We recently purchased a lakefront property here and will be building a new home on it.

Why this business? I am a former psychiatric nurse, nurse case manager, and am a dually-licensed marriage, family therapist, counselor, and parent coordinator. This is a rural, small area and lacks in some mental health services. Sincera Wellness LLC is not driven by profit, and offers some reduced fee services and regularly donates free services to those in the community. Find us at We’re in the former White River Insurance building, on Hwy 16 about a mile east of the main Fairfield Bay entrance.

Family: We are a blended family. Married thirty years this year.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, travel, classic films, studying history and sewing.

What do you like most about living and working in the Bay area? Fairfield Bay is friendly, vibrant, always interested in new pastimes and people and in the community. We are looking forward to going from new business owners in the community to being full-time homeowners in the community.