It’s been 100 days since Lucas Emberton has come into office at the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office. We are pleased to share some of the great things that are going on at the Detention Center as well as the Sheriff’s Office.

The Detention Center, under Jail Administrator Mike Shamoon’s direction, has completed getting the jail a new paint job. Along with the cosmetic upgrade, the interior lights have all been replaced with new LED lighting which has made a huge difference and we couldn’t have done it without the County Maintenance crew! Thanks guys!

The pods in the jail were in need of major repairs as well. After hiring a local welder to come in and repair/replace hinges on pod doors so they can be locked down when required to securing the bean doors and the sprinkler systems from being abused and damaged. The building itself was in dire need of new exterior locks, which were nonexistent, on all exiting doors. These have all been replaced and the building is now secure. Furthermore, the security gate has now been repaired and shuts and locks correctly and lastly thanks to Petit Jean Electric, all our exterior night lights have been repaired/replaced and it is lit up for the employee’s safety as they do their duties around the facility after dark.

Also, in the Detention Center, they have been hard at work saving money in more ways imaginable! By purchasing our food for the jail locally, we are saving and contributing to our county’s revenue. All Detention Officers have new uniforms and we are proud to announce that we have had eight of our Detention Officers certified with Jail Standards and two have completed Deputy 2 training. Great job guys and girls. We are in the process of negotiating upgrades on our internal camera system and inmate communication system. Great things are coming in the very near future for our Detention Center.

The Sheriff’s Office also is doing some amazing things. You may have seen the upgrades to our vehicle fleet: New logos and a spit shine polish have them looking good. We relinquished our vehicle funds in our budget in lieu of keeping a Deputy position and Clerk position. We want to thank the Prosecuting Attorney Office for their generous financial support to save another Deputy position from being cut from our fiscal year 2019 budget. With a marginal budget for uniforms, we were able to fit every officer in new uniforms complete with new badge patches, name plates, collar tabs and shoulder patches with the assistance of a great contribution made from Sheriff Jason Massey of Logan County. We appreciate it!

Our K-9 program is taking off by leaps and bounds. We have got three K-9 units at the Sheriff’s Office now. We have two Deputy handlers certified and two K-9’s certified. Our third Deputy and K-9 are scheduled to be certified in June. We are always taking donations in support of the K-9 program. Our first fundraiser will be sponsored by our local Pizza Hut 5-9 p.m. on May 14. Be looking for flyers on it!

Additionally, we are planning a yard sale fundraiser in June. Stay tuned for dates and details. More great news is that we have also been approved and received our first grant of 2019. This grant will be used for much needed new body armor for all our Deputies. Our Deputies have been very active and out patrolling. They have made over 2,800 contacts/calls in the first 90 days of 2019. CID has been very busy also with over 280 Incidents resulting in over 35 Felony Affidavits. Animal Control has responded to over 125 calls and many assists to the department.

Our training throughout the entire facility is constantly on going. We have set up online classes for all Deputies, Detention Officers and Dispatchers to keep them all certified in compliance with the Arkansas Law Enforcement Standard. Upcoming training seminars are April 30 on the Medical Marijuana, May 1 will be Deputy weapon certification, May 11 will be Racial Profiling class. Additionally, May 20 and 21 are slated for sexual assault Level 1 training, and lastly in June we will be doing the IED Explosive Class. Lots of great things happening at the Sheriff’s Office.

We are open to the public Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If entry is needed into the facility anytime other then our normal operating hours, you will need to be escorted from the gate to facility.

Lucas Emberton

Van Buren County Sheriff