A call about a car being hit by debris led to an interesting report – if not exploration of language - for Clinton Police Sunday, May 5 at 1 p.m.

In the report, a motorist called in to report his car had been hit by a bullhorn, debris on the highway, as he was driving on Highway 65 through Clinton. Arrangements were made and he met with an officer.

As the officer was taking the report the man showed him where the bullhorn had hit his car, doing so more than once, first at the left front fender, then the windshield, then the driver’s door.

It was the bullhorn’s last blow against the car where the officer had to re-consider his investigation, when the man showed the blood spatter on the door as a result of the bullhorn.

It had been, apparently, a bull’s horn that hit the car (“a horn from a bull cow” was the description in the report and not a hand-held voice amplification horn.

The motorist told the officer he turned the car around to pick the horn up, but by the time he got back to the spot where his car was hit, at Highway 65 just outside Pizza Hut, the horn was already gone, apparently having been picked up my a second motorist. The driver was able to show the officer a quick picture he had taken of the horn laying by the roadside, before he had a chance to turn his car around.

Chief John Willoughby and Detective Jay Murdock both said that in their decades of experience, “We had never seen anything like it.

No police reports were on file about hornless bulls. The bull is presumed to remain at large.