Business Name: Tice Realty

Business Owner(s): Dale and Bill Fowler

When did you open your business in the Bay Area? January 1, 2005

What brought you to the Bay Area? Dale grew up in Shirley and began working for the original developer in 1976, so she has been in the Bay area for a while. Bill is originally from the Oregon/Washington area, he came from San Francisco on a bike ride and fell in love with the area.

Why this business? What better way to help others than helping them write new chapters in their life – selling and moving near family, retiring and starting a new life in the Bay, or a fun place to enjoy with children or grandchildren.

Family: We have two daughters – Chelsea a writer and Leslie and her husband Guillerno in South Lake, Texas. Leslie is with Lennox, Intl. and Guillerno is a jeweler.

Hobbies: Road time –on a bike, my little convertible, or just out in the SUV. We love to explore or have lake time on the boat.

What do you like most about living and working in the Bay area? We love the beauty, the quiet and the people. We have some of the best neighbors in the world.