A Saturday-afternoon 911 call resulted in sheriff’s deputies and a Clinton police officer coming to the aid of a suicidal man.

Officers were able to take the man into custody where he was assessed and taken for further treatment.

Van Buren County Sheriff Lucas Emberton said the man came to their attention when his daughter called, reporting the man was dangerous to himself, followed by the man calling 911 himself, stating he was going to shoot himself.

Police were able to ping the man’s cell phone, showing him at a boat ramp just outside Clinton, on a dirt road. Three deputies went to the location and began speaking with the man. They were soon joined by a City of Clinton officer who knew the man. The four were able to convince the man to put down his gun, and he was taken into custody.

Emberton said the man was taken to the county detention center. Shortly after arriving he was evaluated by mental health professionals from Counseling Associates. The assessment resulted in a treatment plan and the man was taken from jail in order to provide treatment, he said.

Emberton said the matter showed the advantage of a small community, as the man was known to officers who responded, who were able to speak with him and defuse the situation.