Fairfield Bay City Council acted on special use permits and resolutions, as well as hearing from a resident regarding an issue in his neighborhood, at its regular meeting Monday evening, May 13.

During public comments, a resident of west Fairfield Bay addressed the body about problem at his home, specifically with two neighbors, one of whom was not maintaining their property, and the second letting their dogs run loose in the neighborhood.

In the first matter, the property care, the speaker told the council about overgrown grass and waste at the home next door to his. The second was an additional neighbor who would let their two large dogs loose to go outside, where the dogs would “get into his garbage” and otherwise disrupt his home life, the man told the council.

He had been speaking with both the police and the mayor’s office about the matters, prior to his speaking to the council, he told the body.

Fairfield Bay City Council had passed an updated zoning ordinance at its previous meeting, with higher fines for overgrown lawns. The resident was told about this, told at the same time the new laws with higher fines are due to go into effect June 1. He replied that he did not think citations would impact his neighbor.

“He’s just going to ignore them,” he told the council.

While no specific action was stated, City of Fairfield Bay Mayor Paul Wellenberger led the conversation that “arrangements could be made” which would lead to the city contracting to have the neighbor’s lawn mowed, who would then be billed for the work.

The dogs as a separate issue were discussed, and the council indicated it would consider stricter leash laws going forward, in order to avoid issues like the one facing the speaker.

The speaker offered to take care of the matter himself, but was discouraged from doing so by the council and City of Fairfield Bay Police Chief David Burnett, who was seated nearby.

In other matters, the council ended the evening approving resolutions regarding signage and rezoning, as well as applying for grant funding to support trails.

The signage was for Community Club signage. A mixed bag, the council approved signs pointing out specific destinations, but denied the “red signs” which were strictly promotional. Rezoning was to permit equipment storage on a lot.

Trails, brought up earlier in the evening for discussion, was for two grants, one for a Mountain Bike trail, and the second for an ATV/UTV trail. Both grants are 80/20. Wellenberger said earlier in the evening that the mountain bike trail application would face a lot of competition from other cities. The ATV grant, however, for parking at trail heads, was more likely to be accepted. If accepted the city would pay the 20% of the total expense.

In other council matters:

• The police department acquired 55 pounds of drugs during its recent drug take-back event, City of Fairfield Bay Police Chief David Barnett told the council. This was beyond the average 30-40 pounds it had acquired in past take-back events. The amount gathered included a significant amount of opioids, Barnett said.

• Dispatch took 898 calls in April, with 716 being actual emergencies. The Fire Department had 12 calls for April.

• The Fire Department plans to have its pontoon boat in service by Memorial Day.

• The city continues to work with Survival Flight to provide a facility it can use to base a helicopter and crew in Fairfield Bay.

• Lynn Creek crossing construction is on hold due to high lake levels, Wellenberger told the body.

• Fairfield Bay’s designation as a Monarch Butterfly City is leading to activities, including a Butterfly Count workshop in July as a Community Education Center activity.

• The ribbon cutting for the Cobblestone Hotel is planned for June 13, the soft-opening “pajama party” having taken place two weeks ago. The hotel opening has led to increased optimism for Conference Center utilization.

• The city continues working with Shirley Schools on a Hospitality Management education program. Wellenberger told the council a grant was recently awarded to further support this initiative.