Updated, 2 p.m. Saturday, May 18

The National Weather service has enlarged the significant risk area for the coming storm front to take in more of the eastern part of the state, still encompassing Van Buren County. 

Current projections have the thunderstorms arriving in the county in the early evening, with a likely second round late that night into early Sunday morning. Some question as to the timing and severity of the second round until the first round has been completed. 

The most likely area for tornadoes, if any, is the southwest part of the state. Otherwise strong winds and large hail remain a concern for the state. 

 Localized flooding is a concern, this most likely to the southern part of the state. Flash flooding, however, remains possible. 

 ==end update==

The National Weather Service, Little Rock, is predicting heavy storms through Van Buren County through Saturday evening into night. 

The report states cautions about thunderstorms having the potential to become severe at times, with large hail (quarter sized or larger) and winds up to 60 mph. 

(Note this is about the potential in the forecast.)

The worst of the storms will begin to the west of Van Buren County, moving into our area later in the evening into the night. The county remains in the "Enhanced" warning area.

Rainfall is expected to exceed two inches in the southern part of the state, lighter here in the county. 

(A further caution is being given about Tuesday weather.)