Update, Tuesday morning, 8:45 a.m., May 21

The weather service continues the forecast of Van Buren County, as well as most of north and central Arkansas, is in an enhanced risk area for thunderstorms. 

The forecast has the weather moving into the state from the west at about 8 a.m., and reaching Van Buren County at roughly 3 p.m. The storm front is expected to contain strong thunderstorms. The risk for high winds from these storms is higher than the previous day's forecast for this storm front. 

The risk forecast for hail is slightly lower than yesterday's assessment, and the risk for tornadoes, while still low, is slightly higher. 

 === end update ===

The National Weather Service, Little Rock, is forecasting "strong to severe" thunderstorms for the Van Buren County area, with the worst expected to arrive Tuesday afternoon into the evening. 

Today, Monday, the biggest risk is rain, possibly heavy at times, and heavier to the northwest. The rain may by up to 1.5" through Tuesday. 

The worst of the weather, however, is expected for Tuesday, as the storm system currently impacting Oklahoma arrives in the Van Buren County area Tuesday afternoon, bringing thunderstorms. The storms will continue as the front moves across the state, likely into Tuesday night. (Some change of timing is possible as the storm draws closer and prediction is able to be made with more accuracy.)

Van Buren County is in an enhanced risk area for the Tuesday forecast. 

Tornadoes are a relatively low threat, but high winds and hail remain a forecast concern. Isolated tornadoes remain, however, a possibility.