The Van Buren County Sheriff’s office was recently able to strike a name from its Most Wanted list after a May 15 arrest.

Arrested was Jennifer Less Squires, 39, of Clinton, wanted as an absconder, someone who had stopped reporting to her parole officer. Squires was originally arrested, and placed on probation, after a March 2017 traffic stop where drugs were found in her car, according to court records.

Squires had been on the most wanted list for over a year.

The arrest came about after a tip was called into the sheriff’s office, Van Buren County Criminal Investigation Division Lieutenant Bric Lewis said. The tipster told Lewis where Squires would be in the county, and what kind of car she would be in. Lewis said he set up and watched near where Squires was expected and, as described, she showed up, stepping out of the car. She was arrested without incident, he said.

Lewis said part of the problem was they had information that Squires had moved out of the county and into Pope County. The tipster told the sheriff’s office that Squires would be back in town, leading to the arrest.

Lewis said people calling in tips is critically important to the sheriff’s office.

“People are out there in the community,” he said, “They see what’s going on, they see more than we do.”

He described such tips as when someone sees a person or suspicious vehicle in their area which isn’t normally seen and calls it in to the sheriff’s office. This helps the department in its oversight, he said.

“We appreciate the tips because it helps us do our jobs,” Van Buren County Sheriff Lucas Emberton said.

“We need everybody’s help,” he said.

Squires is currently listed as being held in the Van Buren County Detention Center without bond.