Faulkner County and Conway District Court Judge Chris Carnahan, announced that persons who are under misdemeanor probation or owe community work service to Faulkner County District Court can receive double credit for aiding Faulkner County in filling sandbags in anticipation of the flooding of the Arkansas River.

They will need to contact their probation officer or the Faulkner County District Court to arrange a time to help in this crisis. For probationers you can contact Officer Simmons at 501-504-9718 or Officer Graham at 501-499- 5389, for community work servicers you can contact 501-450-6112 ext. 3517. You will need to go to the Office of Emergency Management at 57 Acklin Gap Road Conway, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The Judge's officer confirms this offer applies to Van Buren County residents as well.