A surveillance video, coupled with a for-sale add in an online forum, led to theft charges being filed against a Hot Springs man by Clinton Police.

Named in the report was Anthony Walters Jr., 39, of Hot Springs.

In the police report, a man was spotted on a Walmart surveillance video May 24 using some sort of tool to break into a watch case at the store’s jewelry counter, reaching into the display and taking out watches, which he then stuffed into his pants pocket. He is seen a few minutes later waking out of the store, pockets bulging.

An asset protection manager from the store, in reporting this matter to Clinton police, checked, and eight Casio G-Shock watches valued at $763.87 were missing from the case. An officer reviewed the tape and recognized the suspected thief, having “interacted” with the man in the past, but could not recall his name.

On May 27, police received a tip that Casio G-Shock watches were for sale on a Facebook group, all at half retail price. The profile picture of the person selling the watches was the same as the person seen on the surveillance video, the report stated.

The officer checked the phone number included with the ad, which reconciled to a Clinton-located recovery center. A search warrant was executed at that address and the police located papers which gave Walters’ name.

A member of the center told police Walters has been asked to leave May 26 when he was suspected of selling stolen property after a neighbor reported Walters offering to sell him some watches.

The officer checked at the neighbor’s house, who told them he’d purchased the watches and some other items from Walters after being told Walters wanted to leave the recovery center and needed rent money. He had the watches and other items, including a Bluetooth speaker and some computer hardware because “…his father owned a warehouse and he got cheap items for resale,” the report stated.

The items were turned over to police. The officer took them to Walmart and a representative confirmed they were all things taken from inventory, with a total value of $1,884.25, including the watches.

An affidavit for Commercial Burglary has been forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office, the May 28 police report concludes.