A moment of silence

Take a minute, pause here, and recall it is the nine-year anniversary of the tornado which hit the Southside and Pine Mountain churches, causing the death of three in Van Buren County.

The water, the water

We had a chance to have several water-based conversations this week, haunting, as we do, the streets and offices of Clinton. The news is what is is and can be read elsewhere in this issue, but we are beginning to see a future, and in this future we see more water conversations taking place in these pages.

That's not a bad thing, it's certainly not something we haven't done in the past (oh boy!) but, end of the day, clean water matters to us all. (We recall a time when life was more rural, when the house was heated with wood. When the electricity went out it wasn't that big a deal - no television, sure but candles and books worked in a pinch. But doing without water as the electric well pump would not run, that was a problem, that was the bad part.)

We, long story short, need to finish getting a water board together; we need to find the right guy to take the reins as department head and we - and here's the hard part - need to look at a special election to get fire department fees as part of each homes monthly water bill. Need, not want, need.

Now, let's not sit on the panic button. Things are going well as it is and an organized and (pardon the pun) metered approach to these needs would be the most useful for the long term. But then these things put the foundation in place for further needs, namely organizing the budget and getting the department's infrastructure properly fitted for the future. We want our children to drink clean water, after all, and their children as well.

Like everything else around here, we just need to keep a steady pressure reflecting a steady effort. “Row towards shore,” as they say, “and pray toward heaven.”

After all, we have to believe prayer had some import in our dodging the potential mayhem in Saturday night's storm system.

In memoriam

We did not know, personally, Chief Deckard of Quitman Fire, but were certainly struck by his sudden passing.

These are these rare individuals who serve the community and do so with that determination as is apparently contained in their calling. We're quite fortunate to have people like Doug Deckard in our world. Those who did know him tell us how he was one of those people who served, served from a place past duty and into calling, a good man, making our world safer.

Psalm 118 (NLT)

19 Open for me the gates where the righteous enter, and I will go in and thank the Lord.

20 These gates lead to the presence of the Lord, and the godly enter there.

21 I thank you for answering my prayer and giving me victory!