A lot going on at the hill up above Clinton as the school goes through … and really, calling it a “shake up” would not be fair. It’d be the easy thing to type, but not fair.

Call it an evolution.

And in this evolution comes the duty of the newspaper to keep y’all informed, and from that comes a couple stories on the school on the front page this week.

The bit on Superintendent Andrew Vining resigning, well, not a lot to be said there, other than to say he presented the resignation terms to the board, it - judging from the time they spent in executive session - took them awhile to come to terms with it, and now it’s done. June 30 is his last day in the driver’s seat.

I notice, in covering the affairs of this county, there’s roughly two groups. One group has always done it a certain way, often as not citing that this was the way their parents did it (and possibly grandparents, or back, even, farther). The other group has been those who bring with them change. It’s 2018, we wear computers on our belts and some guy just launched a car his company built into space, and, well, we have to evolve.

Vining was (is) in the change group. It’s not up to me, end of the day, to put a value on that, other than to say if you go to school in Clinton (and, really, in the county) you’re getting a good education. And as I’ve pointed out before (as was pointed out to me) “education,” in these modern times, means something more than a desk and a multiplication table. These are complex times, with more complex times to come. This is what our new superintendent, and mostly-new school board, will be facing going into the next year.

Certainly best wishes for all parties concerned.

And speaking of ever-more complex times, the news out of Florida this week and the tragic school shooting. Most striking to it all was the news that the FBI, by its own admission, did not process a tip about the shooter correctly.

And pause here for a minute and consider last month’s lock-down at Clinton schools was because the FBI did follow protocol, called, and a response was made.

(Pause again: Some will use this to “prove,” in that wild-eyed AM radio conspiracy theory world, that the FBI not acting in one town as it does in other towns, such as ours, that some conspiracy is afoot to take away guns or some such foolishness. If this is you, if you’re the sort of person capable of believing this for of “false flag” blah blah thing, just put down this newspaper and walk away. Being willing to believe such tripe means you’re not Van Buren County Democrat capable. Our engine runs on logic. Have a nice day.)

The response was not up to the threat the modern world was capable of presenting, we realize now, and protocols are being updated. Thus another article on schools on our front as the evolution of school security continues.

And Damascus is selling off police cars while its lawyer argues for its rights to get back to writing speeding tickets.

And the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, rain falls, flowers bloom, children grown old and the old long for youth. Some guy with a notebook and a camera wanders around trying to catalog it all, some people like things the way they were, some people would rather things change and get more modern.

Somewhere, in the center of all this, a truth resides.