It’s been an interesting week.

But then it gets interesting this time of year, especially as the political races start to heat up. The “time of year” thing comes from the Spring, where more people are moving around and there’s more events outside.

Political races? Well, honestly, two years ago, when I was still working out my role here I was meeting candidates left and right and, like a dog who finally catches the car its chasing, not sure what to do with any of them. But that was then. Since that time I’ve gotten a little more comfortable in the editor role, and from that, well again, candidates. The difference is now I’m able to plug it into some, if I may, deeper understanding of Van Buren County. Heck, in some cases I’ve gotten to know the candidates outside of their being candidates.

But here’s the good news: I’m just not getting the poison-pen stuff dropped off like I did the last campaign, how so-and-so kicks puppies or that sort of thing. I’d like to think it has something to do with my not bothering to even read the stuff that got dropped off last campaign, but I’d also like to think people aren’t as mad as they were two years ago. I’ve said it before and will say it again: We’re just now finding out how much of the social hacking which went on during the last election was undertaken, not just to get a particular candidate elected, but just to get people stirred up.

Now we’re in a time of less stirring up, a time of growth.


And yeah, it’s going well. Even with this crazy weather we’re seeing ball tournaments and fishing derbys and all that. It’s all good: Get out of the house, get some sunshine, good for you.

So of course we’ve been getting out more. With that came a chance in the last week or so to work on something that’s been in the plans for some time now.

We’ve started shooting some video and putting it up on our webpage. Just in the last seven days we have one on the SYNP Animal Shelter event at the park, and only yesterday had a nice visit with Judge HG Foster and he reviewed both the ESP program and why it was meeting in the Fairfield Bay bowling alley. You should check them out.

And while I’m a long way from being Joe Video, I’m happy we’re able to get such things out there, serious and ever-more in-depth news. Hopefully we’ll be able to add podcasts in the near term as well.

All it takes is time.

So, yeah, court in a bowling alley. (You can read why in the story, no sense repeating myself.)

Bowling is an interesting sport in the American experience. A big deal’s been made lately about the decline of bowling leagues in America. Once upon a time everybody and their brother was in some sort of bowling league, and would gather with the friends one night a week, or more, to compete.

And of course them days are behind us. People, the conventional wisdom goes, don’t play teams sports like they once did. This is the era of the individual and the individual does not join a league and play with and against others. And that, as we follow the conventional wisdom down the rabbit hole, is a shame.

And yet: There we were at the lanes in Fairfield Bay on Monday, a judge, court officers, and those who had just appeared before the judge, about to roll some frames once court was over. Teamwork, people coming together toward a better end.

And it didn’t just end there. Let’s give a shout out to the city of Fairfield Bay, Recreation Manager Casey Lopez not in the least, who opened the lanes up on a normally-closed day to support the judge and others, who were in turn supporting those trying to get out of the drug-abuse cycle.

Leagues, right? People joining together toward a better end, right?

And then we have people running for office, working toward a better end, and not participating in the mud slinging of recent times past.

Spring, a time of growth.