What a week! And, just to be clear, not a “What a week!” as in “I’m glad that’s over,” but “What a week!” as in “Man, lots going on!”

Saturday, of course, was a very full day: Events going on everywhere. I got here in the morning and ran into Jason Hayes (Chamber of Commerce) and Phillip Ellis (A&P) as they were just finishing setting up for the fashion show and tea party taking place that afternoon. We chatted of course

“If you can’t find something to do in Van Buren County today you’re just not trying,” Ellis said.

He was right. Heck, people travelled from as far as Mexico for the dog show at the fairgrounds (and I’m not much of a dog show guy, but the car show taking place in conjunction with the event was plenty to keep me entertained). Bee Branch Fest was 100 times or more bigger than last year, both in things to do and attendance. And the play at Clinton School? Kind of wish I had more time to enjoy it, but after some pictures it was off to the fashion show for pictures of that event.

(And I missed the fundraising run at the school, and the pancakes at Fairfield Bay, and I believe the yard sale in Shirley, and flea market in Choctaw, and … I tried. There’s only one of me y’all.)

This on a single day, one day.

I used to sell things a lot, in fact I’m pretty good at it, and one of the things I learned from that game was (what’s an old saying) “Activity breeds activity.” Take it to mean: “If you do something, something happens, if you do nothing, nothing happens.”

Something’s happening; lots of activity.

And we can roll back on this and talk about what took place two days earlier, the Thursday groundbreaking at Fairfield Bay.

I have, in this blessing of a life, attended a number of events, grand events. To date the biggest show-out event was the rollout for the Windows 2000 operating system in San Francisco. (Do I have to tell you what year that was? Really?). Carlos Santana played guitar, Sir Patrick Stewart introduced (something), and kids were paid to rollerblade around while video monitors they wore on their chest played Windows 2000 ads.

(Olympic Time Trials, by the way, another event: “I’m with the magazine.” “Oh, here, have some wine.” I mean really.)

Fairfield Bay on Thursday was not like that. Fairfield Bay on Thursday was quite reminiscent of that big-event experience. I’ve been going up there at regular intervals for a couple years now, covering things, mostly city government. I’ve been travelling this county, going to various events in commemoration of various accomplishments (and been quite flattered to be included) and can honestly say that groundbreaking was the biggest event, the most Windows 2000 Olympics time trial, I’ve ever experience in this county. Ever.

And what was interesting about it was how they, namely the mayor up there, Paul Wellenberger, traced the events that led to the hotel groundbreaking. It began with the city taking over the conference center, the reconstruction, the work, the phone calls, the relationships and - end of the day - the steady pulling on the oars to get that ship to a distant-but-envisioned shore.

Also teling was the representative from Cobblestone telling the audience it was the biggest groundbreaking he’d ever attended.

Activity breeds activity.