One of the things you want to catch this week is in the State Capitol Week report, on page 4A. It happens to have some additional background info on 911 complexities. We have not, alas, heard the last of the subject, and in fact I’m pretty sure next week’s issue is going to have quite a big on it after the Clinton City Council meeting this Thursday.

The good news is all parties concerned (all parties, all) appear to be confident 911 funding will be worked out, not the least reason being its preposterous to have a county without a functioning up-to-speed 911 service.

And again, it’s not the first time “911 funding” has been typed in a newspaper: The 911 thing is not just Van Buren County. Every county, all counties, are having problems with 911 funding. The real problem, and you can learn more about it in the State Capitol Week report, is the way phone money is not what it used to be — especially when compared to what we expect from our phones these days.


This past Saturday’s play “Greater Tuna” at the Clinton school auditorium was interesting for several reasons. One, of course, it was a Clinton Rotary Club benefit to provide revenue for club scholarships. Never a bad thing that, but then add on top of it that it was a two-man show of a unique play. In this era of special effects superhero movies this was acting, just acting — the real thing. It was refreshing that way.

But most notable was the good turnout. Now granted, if I’d had my reporter-boy hat on I’d give you some head count on turnout, but I didn’t. I was on a date with my wife, we were going to see a play, and the notebook, heck, the pen, was left in the car. But it was a nice turnout, lots of seats filled and the parking lot was full.

For a play, a two man play, in Clinton.

Say what you will about this area, but this was fairly stark proof that the community can support culture, artsy stuff.

Speaking of which, we had the best Pickin’ on the Square this past Saturday we’d ever had. I even, unexpectedly, had some old friends come up from Conway to play along. It was a great time.


Speaking of culture, I’ve been making it a point to hit these Friday night gospel singings at various churches in the area. I try to get the where-and-when listed in the paper every week. Having the memory of a much older man, sometimes I forget.

From a “me” standpoint it’s great and good fun. I like to play music, I like to sing, I like songs from the hymnal and I like going places and meeting people. From an “us” standpoint, its even greater fun. They don’t mind me playing or singing, they like songs from the hymnal, and we enjoy meeting each other.

Now, take a step back here, you fans of poetic metaphor, and consider what it means to sing in harmony with a roomful of others. Consider what “harmony” means when its a church hymn and we’re all together on the thing. It’s a nice way to wrap up the week and get ready for the weekend.

It happens there’s not a singing this week — a revival is taking place at the church which would normally be hosting — but there’s one coming up. You might want to stop by. Time and place will be in the paper (provided my memory holds out).


Speaking of community and church, the prayer walk at the area schools this past Sunday was, as always, striking.

People came together — even if they didn’t have a student in school — and prayed for, well, all of it, for the safety, for the accomplishment, for all the things we hope for in school.


And it was really nice meeting the Standridges, our Van Buren County Farm Family of the year. I’d been really wanting to get the article out, having spent some hours with them earlier in preparation for the article. Just a charming family, great people.